Wide-format satellite flexo press


The satellite flexo press is an impression cylinder common press, ie there is only one impression cylinder.

      After years of production practice, flexographic printing has formed a basic positioning in China's packaging and printing market. The range and types of printed products continue to increase, and the market share of flexo printing is gradually expanding. Trademark labels, plastic flexible packaging, woven bags, folding cartons and webs are the main products of flexo printing in the packaging printing market.

In unit, cascade and satellite flexo printing, the unit and satellite are the two most important models. Compared with the unit type, the satellite flexo printing machine has higher overprinting precision. Because the material belt is tightly wrapped on the central impression cylinder, the tension is very stable, and the automatic registration control system is not needed. The structure is simple and the printing is simple. The distance between the points is short, which is convenient for registering the quality; and the machine has good structural rigidity and stable performance. In the European and American markets, satellite flexo presses account for about 70% of the entire flexo press market, mostly used in flexible packaging printing, corrugated preprinting and label printing. At present, there are only a dozen sets of satellite flexo printing machines imported from abroad. The application of wide-format satellite flexo printing machine in China's printing field is mainly concentrated in three aspects: one is carton pre-printing; the other is flexible packaging printing; the third is newspaper printing.

First, the application of satellite flexo printing machine in carton preprinting

In the case of mass production, flexo preprinting has the following unique advantages:

1. Fast printing speed and high production efficiency. The printing speed can reach 300m/min, the printing speed with UV ink can reach 500m/min-600m/min, and the fast roll changing system is added, and the automatic feeding is carried out without stopping the machine to achieve complete uninterrupted printing.

2. The pre-printed carton is accurately printed, resulting in small color difference and high printing quality. Due to the uniform printing pressure of the high-precision satellite flexo printing machine, it is not affected by the height of the corrugated, so the printing quality of the field, lines and text is very good. The vector variable frequency motor can be used to realize synchronous control through the PLC controller, ensuring the constant tension of the printed product at different speeds and temperatures, so that the printed product maintains the stability of the overprint in high-speed printing, and the multi-color overprinting of the pre-printed carton is accurate. The ground has been perfectly implemented. Paper has less lateral shrinkage.

3. Closed squeegee system can ensure the optimal amount of ink for the anilox roller and printing plate, improve the ink transfer function of the short ink path system, reduce solvent evaporation and make the ink color consistent.

4. The carton has high strength and good flatness. After the roll-to-roll printing, the printed color roll can be directly placed in the liner paper station and corrugated into a cardboard, and directly formed into a single-piece carton by a computer cross-cutting machine, which fully utilizes the automatic and high-speed of the printing machine and the corrugating machine. Advantages, corrugated is not pressed, no deformation, carton strength can be increased by 30%, which can reduce the number of grams of paper and reduce the cost of corrugated boxes.

5. Due to the flexibility of the printing plate, the surface finish of the paper is not as demanding as the gravure printing, which can reduce the paper cost and thus reduce the cost of the corrugated box.